This week’s podcast is an interview with Rose Pauly, the author of Desperate Hope. Rose shares her story of how God was able to use a devastating circumstance for good.

One beautiful fall day, two lives collide. One busy balancing family, work, and school. The other on a trajectory of desperation, destruction, and evil.

They will never be the same again. Beginning with an assault at knifepoint and a surprising response from the victim, this story unfolds a future neither could have anticipated. Sixteen years later, they have come together to tell their stories. His of addictions, arrests, and prisons, followed by redemption, recovery, and reconciliation. Hers is the story of overcoming fear, embracing forgiveness, and forsaking victimhood and shame to experience God’s overwhelming love.


It brings hope to anyone in the grip of addiction, pornography, or despair, and help for victims, the fearful, and the traumatized—anyone desperate for hope. Two lives brought together first in violence and then in forgiveness tell this unusual yet true story of God’s love and his overarching hand working in dramatic ways.

Desperate Hope
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