“Ryan is an excellent communicator. He has solid content and also the passion and clarity to share it with youth so they really ‘get it.’ I am happy to endorse him as both an apologist and speaker.”

Dr. Sean McDowell, Professor, Speaker and Author

“If you’re looking for an energetic, accessible, and winsome Christian Case Maker to teach your students or congregation, Ryan Pauly is ready to accept the challenge. He’s an up-and-coming Christian apologist, and I endorse his work enthusiastically.”

J. Warner Wallace, Cold-Case Detective, Author, and Christian Case Maker

“We need more ‘Ryans.’ We need more young men full of integrity and a love of God’s truth, who can communicate it to a new generation. Ryan’s work for the Kingdom—through his writing, podcasting, and speaking—is a gift to the church and it’s a pleasure to endorse his work.”

Brett Kunkle, Founder & CEO, MAVEN

“We’ve had Ryan come and speak a number of times at our church, and he has always left an impact with our students, but more importantly, inspired them to continue to look for the answers to their questions.  What I appreciated most about Ryan’s teaching is that he’s not just giving them the “what” to their question, but also the “how”.  Reaching this next generation requires more than just a snazzy presentation and an interesting talk.  They’re also craving relationship and authenticity.  This is where I think Ryan shines the most.  It’s clear, even from the stage, that he loves interacting with students and spending time with them.”

-Kevin Yi, Youth Pastor, Church Everyday

“Ryan has an amazing gift for taking complex issues and teaching them in an easily understandable way.  The younger generation yearns for truth, and compassion and he delivers both without compromising God’s Word.  Most people have probably experienced Ryan in a church setting, but many people may not know that he is also a phenomenal church camp speaker!  I love the fact that he can get kids to comprehend the deepest complexities of the ontological argument, and later lose to the same group of kids in dodgeball.  I have worked with many guest speakers in the past, and Ryan remains a camp favorite amongst students and group leaders!”

-Rance Hughes, Senior Director, Alpine Retreat and Camp

“Ryan came and lead a multi-week apologetics class for our church. His knowledge and presentations were first-rate. He spoke to a wide range of ages from adults down to my own 13 and 17-year-old children- which lead to a really great discussion around the dinner table. His background in education and use of visuals helped make some really complex information easy to understand. Ryan’s careful study and preparation come from a deep passion to give people knowledge and truth so they can be confident in their faith. I so appreciate that his approach is couched in love and solid science while not being argumentative. This helps the church not only with the tools of evidence for answering the challenges posed to their faith but also a gracious posture from which to speak.”

-Jeff Myers, Campus Pastor, RockHarbor Fullerton

“Ryan is a gifted speaker and presenter. My students thoroughly enjoyed his presentation. His experience as a high school teacher comes through in the way he crafts his message to meet his audience. His creative and thoughtful presentation had my students really engaging the material. What I really appreciate was how he was able to communicate rather complex material to my students in a way they could catch it, without dumbing down the subject matter. I highly recommend Ryan to speak to your high school or college-age group. Ryan is the type of person we need to help raise the next generation of Christians to remain strong in their convictions!”

Drew Covert, Apologist, Tent Making Christianity