Objection Response: Atheism Isn’t A Decision

The latest video published on the channel was titled, "3 Reasons Why People Don't Believe In God." It quickly caught the attention of one skeptic who posted a few objections to what I had to say. I wanted to take... Continue Reading →

How Can There Be a Trinity?

There has always been confusion when it comes to the Trinity. However, when properly understood, it isn't a contradiction and it makes so much sense. Watch this short response in order to get a better understanding. It is important to remember... Continue Reading →

How can we firmly establish students in their faith?

Colossians 2:6-8

Can you tell me about Jesus?

Do you really know Jesus? Do you know more than saying, "Jesus died for my sins" or "I have a personal relationship with him"? Most students aren't able to get past a few Christian clichés if you ask them who Jesus... Continue Reading →

Is that evidence for evolution?

Common ancestor or common creator?

What are the strengths of teaching evolution to students?

I have found the topic of biological evolution to be very important for young people. As I teach my high school students, I make sure to cover the topic each year. In my Historical Doctrines and Apologetics class, I spend... Continue Reading →

How does consciousness point to God?

Consciousness is one of the undeniable facts of our universe, yet it is also of the biggest mysteries for atheists. Most naturalists don't have an answer as to where it came from. Michael Ruse, an atheist philosopher, said on a recent... Continue Reading →

Is Christianity based on an argument from ignorance?

I received a lot of responses after last week's blog, "Is atheism a 'lack of belief' in God?" Most of the responses came from atheists which I expected. I also expected an immediate request for proof of the Christian God which is... Continue Reading →

Is inoculation better than isolation? (Podcast)

Last weekend I attended a debate/discussion between Ryan Bell and Sean McDowell. The event was hosted by Justin Brierley from the Unbelievable? radio show and podcast. One of the topics that came up was the idea that we are unable... Continue Reading →

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