Suicide: When Hope Runs Out (with Jon Noyes)

This is the most important conversation many will hear.

The Prosperity Gospel and Biblical Promises: How should we understand them?

I recently came across an Instagram account very clearly promoted the prosperity gospel. Some of the messages seemed misleading and others were completely false. Here are a few examples of what I saw. "I feel a SHIFT in the atmosphere;... Continue Reading →

Keys To Achieve Healthy Relationships with Rose Pauly (Podcast)

What does it look like to have a healthy relationship? What is important to understand when dating, preparing for marriage, or when married? Listen this week as Rose Pauly, the author of Desperate Hope, discusses the keys to achieve healthy... Continue Reading →

Can God use evil for good? (Podcast)

"Beginning with an assault at knifepoint and a surprising response from the victim, this story unfolds a future neither could have anticipated."

10 Reasons Why God May Allow Suffering

The problem of evil is one of the biggest hurdles to overcome. How could a loving God allow evil and suffering? It is a mistake to attempt to solve the problem of evil with one response. There are different types... Continue Reading →

Build Confidence In Sharing Your Faith

We live in a culture where many people are asking questions and putting Christians on the spot. This makes some Christians nervous and so they avoid spiritual discussions all together. Is there a way to remove this nervousness and build confidence in these... Continue Reading →

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