God’s Crime Scene by J. Warner Wallace examines eight pieces of evidence that are found inside our universe. Reasons are given for the existence of each piece of evidence and that it is necessary to explain where this evidence came from. So how is life possible on this planet? Has our universe been fine-tuned for the existence of life?

Many factors have to be finely tuned in order for our universe to begin to exist and remain in existence.

Most of the time, we are able to see when something has been tampered with. There are some things that are just too uncommon or impossible to happen by chance. When you see these things, it is reasonable to conclude that someone has tampered with the information. Think of the sound board pictured above. If you know anything about sound then you know it takes a very intelligent and trained person to get the perfect balance of each instrument. You can’t plug in different instruments and have it sound good without someone adjusting the settings. If one knob is off, then it throws everything off. And even after getting the balance perfect, a person has to remain at the board to continue to adjust the settings in order to keep the sound balanced.

The same is true for our universe. Our universe appears to have many different settings that are fine-tuned for life and remain finely-tuned as life on this planet changes. The forces governing the atom, the forces governing the matter of the universe, and the forces governing the creation of chemicals are all favorable to life. We also see that the shape and position of the Milky Way is favorable to life. If the sun were closer we would burn up and further away would freeze us. We also see factors on our own planet that are favorable to life like the atmosphere and the relationship to the moon. If any one of these factors and many more were slightly different, either our universe wouldn’t exist or life as we know it wouldn’t exist. This is like having every single knob on a soundboard at the perfect setting, except, there are many more “knobs”, they are more sensitive, and the slightest change is more dramatic.

Since the fine-tuning or our universe points to an intelligent being, some, in an effort to remove the need for a creator, have proposed that the fine-tuning is the result of chance. They say that we got really lucky that our universe is able to support life. The problem is that the probability of our universe being fine-tuned by chance is more than impossible. This cannot be the most reasonable explanation.

The fine-tuning could also be the result of our universe existing inside of an infinite multiverse. If there is an infinite amount of universes, isn’t it reasonable to assume that one would be fine-tuned for life? However, this fails because it is so extremely impossible and cannot be confirmed through science. There is no scientific evidence for a multiverse.

Others have argued that the fine-tuning is the result of physical necessity. The laws that are governing our universe are fixed and could not be any different. The problem is that there is no reason to believe that the laws governing our universe couldn’t be different.

The fine-tuning is not best explained by chance, the multiverse, or physical necessity. Our universe that has been fine-tuned for life points to an intelligent being with a purpose in mind. It has been designed for life and that is why each factor is set to be favorable to life. A sound guy has a purpose in mind when he slightly corrects each knob on a soundboard in order to get the perfect balance. Just like a balanced sound system is best explained by an intelligent sound guy, the fine-tuning of our universe is best explained by an intelligent creator.

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The following blog series comes from a paper I wrote for J. Warner Wallaceon his book, God’s Crime Scene. He has given me permission to post my summary of each chapter for this series. This is a short summary of the second chapter. If you would like more information, you can purchase God’s Crime Scene here, visit his website, or email me and I will provide further resources.