Over the last few years I have grown to love podcasts. The amount of free content on the internet is amazing—you only need to know where to find it. I started with one or two a few years back, and now I am subscribed to 23 different podcasts. I don’t know very many people who can keep up with 23 podcasts, and it is even hard for me at times. Personally, I have found that my drive to and from work (25 minutes each way) can be a great time of learning. When I add all the rest of the times that I’m in the car, I end up listening to over six hours of great Christian thinkers every week. I can’t think of any better way to get 6 hours of great content a week for free! Many people would pay a lot of money at conferences to learn what these podcasts teach.

One of my listeners recently asked me what podcasts I would recommend for additional information, and so I created this list. I hope you find this resource helpful. Leave a comment below if I have left out any podcasts that you would recommend. I am always looking for new content.

My Top 5

Stand to Reason Weekly Podcast

This podcast is hosted by Greg Koukl from Stand to Reason. The purpose of this podcast is to help Christians think more clearly about their faith. Greg normally talks about something on his mind for about 20 minutes and then takes calls for the remainder of the time. It is 60 minutes and is posted twice a week.

#STRask with Greg Koukl

This podcast is a great resources if you are looking to improve your skills in answering questions. Greg has four minutes or less to respond to questions submitted on Twitter. Each episode is 20 minutes long and is posted twice a week.

Cross Examined

This weekly call-in radio show is hosted by Dr. Frank Turek from CrossExamined.org. He discusses challenging topics and takes calls from listeners. Each episode is about 50 minutes long and is posted once a week.

Defenders Podcast

The Defenders Podcast is Dr. William Lane Craig‘s Sunday school class on Christian doctrine and apologetics. It is a very in-depth look at the major Christian doctrines with times of teaching and a Q&A time. I started listening in October of 2014 when the new class started. Since then, he has done Foundations of Christian Doctrine (2 weeks), Doctrine of Revelation (10 weeks), Doctrine of God (21 weeks), and an Excursus on Natural Theology (34 weeks). He recently started the Doctrine of God: Trinity. Each episode is 30-40 minutes and is posted once a week.

Reasonable Faith Podcast

The Reasonable Faith Podcast is hosted by Dr. William Lane Craig. This podcast is a conversational program dealing with the most important apologetic questions of our day. It is normally between 10-20 minutes and is posted once a week.

Other podcasts I listen to in no specific order.

Intelligent Design The Future

This Is Your Life with Michael Hyatt

Thinking Out Loud with Alan Shlemon

Come Let Us Reason Podcast

BreakPoint This Week

BreakPoint Daily

Bulletproof with Brett Kunkle

Clear Thinking Christianity with Tim Barnett

The Cold-Case Christianity Podcast

A Piece of My Mind with Greg Koukl


Recent subscriptions that I have yet to listen to.

Christian Worldview Thinking

Apologia Podcast by Reasons to Believe

Apologetics Canada Podcast

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Comment below with your favorite podcasts!