I hope you enjoyed the first Questions Class I did at Rock Harbor Fullerton. If you missed it, you can listen to the whole class on iTunes or check out the blog post here. The first week was the first part from the I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist presentation. This week, I covered part two and finished the presentation from CrossExamined.org.

Part 1: Review from week 1. Does truth exist? Does God exist?

Part 2: Are miracles possible?

Are miracles possible? Video of William Lane Craig

Nabeel Qureshi’s Testimony Check out his book here.

Part 3: Is the New Testament true?

Is the New Testament reliable? Article by Greg Koukl from Stand to Reason

Part 4: Open Q&A

What happens to those who have never heard the Gospel? Article by Ryan Pauly

What about those who have never heard? Article by Claudia Kalmikov

Is the God of the Old Testament different from the God of the New? Article by Lenny Esposito from Come Reason Ministries