Is atheism the “lack a belief” in God?

It's back to Twitter to answer another common atheist response. Last time I looked at the atheist objection that Christians can't claim to have the One, True God because there are almost 5,000 gods being worshiped. This time I want... Continue Reading →

Is Jesus eternal? Responding to Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses (Podcast)

Has Jesus existed from all eternity past or is he a created being?

Will Heaven be boring?

The topic of Heaven has come up a lot lately in my discussions. Last week I was talking with my LDS friends and they mentioned that as they go door to door, they encounter many Christians who think Heaven will be boring.... Continue Reading →

Is God unchangeable? Responding to Mormons (Podcast)

What do you do when Mormons knock on your door?

Are you prepared for an emergency?

What are you going to do to train yourself?

Responding To Pro-Choice Arguments – Interview with Megan Almon (Podcast)

Megan uses embryology and philosophy to respond to common pro-choice arguments.

Can Christians claim to have the One, True God?

There's a reason we don't see this objection being used with police or in court.

Understanding Objections From The Correct Worldview (Podcast)

In order to see if a worldview makes sense, you have to critique it from within the same worldview.

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