Megan Almon, a speaker at the Life Training Institute, joined me for a second week as she responded to pro-choice arguments. If you missed last week’s episode “Defending the Pro-Life Position“, make sure you go back and listen to Megan use the science of embryology and philosophy to make a case for life. In this episode, Megan uses embryology and philosophy to respond to common pro-choice arguments including:

  • No one knows when life begins.
  • The fetus becomes valuable when it no longer needs the mother to survive.
  • My body, my choice.
  • Abortion is a woman’s issue, men should stay out of it.
  • It’s safer to allow abortions than to ban it and have women do it in back alleys.
  • What if the mother’s life is in danger?
  • How should we respond in the case of rape?
  • Abortion is fine as long as the fetus doesn’t have a heart beat, nervous system, consciousness, etc.

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