The topic of Heaven has come up a lot lately in my discussions. Last week I was talking with my LDS friends and they mentioned that as they go door to door, they encounter many Christians who think Heaven will be boring. Some think we will become little angels with wings playing harps. Others think that we will just be singing worships songs for the rest of eternity. I believe these two pictures of Heaven are un-biblical and would create a boring place to be for all of eternity. That is why I want to share a section out of my professor’s blog with you. Dr. Clay Jones wrote the blog “Why I Look Forward To Eternity” and it creates a beautiful picture of Heaven.  I hope this short section will give you a new perspective on Heaven and create a sense of excitement in you like it did me.

I look forward to being with all of you, to getting to know all of you, to sharing endeavors with you and the other saints I’ve gotten to know over the years, and with all the other beings, whether human or not, that I will ever meet.

I look forward to living without guilt (can you imagine?), without tears (not even tears of joy because tears of joy spring from relief of hardship and there won’t be any hardships from which to be relieved), with no death, no mourning, no pain.

I look forward to banquets where we will enjoy the equivalent of premium wines and prime meats and doing this with all of you (He talks about banquets a lot, you know, and in His right hand are pleasures forevermore).1

I look forward to inheriting a new heaven and a new earth.2 You ask what will be in them? Simple, they will be full of purple and yellow pansies; thornless roses of every color and fragrance, water lilies, orchids, mossy trees, and water falls; canyons and mountains full of redwoods and rivers; springs and meadows, beaches and breakers; friendly lions, tigers, and bears; toucans, and tropical fish; eagles and iridescent hummingbirds; trees full of peaches, pears, and plums; every kind of grape and berry vine.

But you ask, where does the Bible say those things will be in the new Heaven and Earth? And, of course, you’re right. The Bible doesn’t say those things will be in the new Heavens or Earth, but the Creator of those things will be there. The Creator of stars and moons and planets and the Milky Way Galaxy and of yellow, orange, pink, and purple sunsets will be there. The Creator of not just worlds, but quasars, black holes, star clusters, and galaxies—with no two alike. For Goodness’ sake, He makes no two snowflakes alike. We’ll be there! Perhaps some of the things I mentioned won’t be there but, if not, we should expect better things in their place—not lesser things. In Revelation John does tell us that six winged seraphs which have four heads with eyes all over them will be there,3 and that a crystal river flows from the throne and that river is surrounded by the Tree of Life that bears twelve crops of fruit and even its leaves heal the nations.4

I have tasted a lot of fruits. I wonder what Life tastes like?

I look forward to inheriting these things with you and I look forward to reigning with Jesus5 and accomplishing things that won’t rust or decay and will never be undone.

I look forward to getting to know that One, The One, the Holy One, and to being with Him and enjoying Him commune with you and me.

And I look forward to doing all of this forever.

Just think about that! God is the creator of all those things. In Him we also find joy, happiness, and love. If we can experience those good qualities in a broken world, then why would we think they wouldn’t exist in the perfect world? We will experience the great things of this world at a completely different level! Why would we ever think that being in His presence will be boring? We have something absolutely incredible waiting for us and we should be looking forward to eternity.