2021 was a busy year! I produce 44 new videos (including 17 interviews), and received more than 60K views! Here’s this year’s top 10 YouTube videos!

#10 – Should Christians Pray for Dead People?

#9 – 3 Reasons Why People Don’t Believe in God

#8 – How do you talk to people who won’t listen?

How do you respond when someone will only do what they want to do? What if they don’t care about facts, evidence, or logic?

#7 – Can you unknowingly get the mark of the beast and still go to heaven?

#6 – Do you go straight to heaven or hell after death?

There are a few ways that Christians respond to this question.

#5 – Should Christians smoke weed?

#4 – Can Christians get baptized more than once?

#3 – Atonement is Central to Christianity: What It Means and Why It Matters with Dr. William Lane Craig

“Jesus died on the cross for my sins.” This is a common phrase among Christians, but what does it mean? Why did he have to die? Couldn’t he simply forgive us? In this conversation with Dr. William Lane Craig, we will be going over the basics of Jesus’s death on the cross, responding to objections, and showing why it is so important for Christians.

#2 – Chat with Mike Winger on cults, the bible, and more!

A supporter sent me the following message: “These missionaries come to my door the other day from World Mission Society Church of God, and they were talking about God the mother… Do you know anything about this group? Specifically, anything that might be helpful in a conversation with them, especially where their theology might differ from the Truth?”

#1 – Will gay people go to Heaven?

There have been many changes this year. The biggest change was welcoming our son into the world and learning what it means to be parents. God has been so incredibly faithful through it all. We couldn’t have done it without the incredible love, support, and encouragement from our amazing family, friends, and ministry partners.

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