Jimmy Davis (Associate Pastor at Jericho Road Church), Neal Hardin (nealhardin.com) and I did an impromptu Q&A after filming a 6-week small group study.

Topics Discussed:

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 1:44 Where do you see a need for apologetics in youth ministry?
  • 4:50 Do students naturally desire apologetics or are they more apathetic?
  • 12:35 Small-group video curriculum
  • 15:15 What should people do with their doubts?
  • 16:55 What is a theologian?
  • 19:20 Why is having a correct theology necessary in Christian pastoral ministry?
  • 23:20 What are some of the biggest objections and difficulties that students are facing?
  • 28:57 Are all Christians called to be theologians, apologists, and pastors?
  • 31:09 How can I address that “Love is love” is wrong and sin?
  • 37:57 Can a single person experience love and fulfillment in this life without having sex?
  • 42:22 How should Christians respond to the BLM movement?
  • 54:00 Why are there so many different perspectives on the rapture?
  • 1:00:32 Is there a corporate persecution of the church happening?



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