Big changes are happening this summer…

Think Well is officially ready to bring Ryan on in an increased capacity! This means more interviews and YouTube content! Donors have come alongside this ministry in an incredible way to make this goal a reality, helping us raise over 90% of our 2023 budget. Wow! This is our final push to raise the last 10% before launching into full gear.

We are looking for 30 new monthly partners this month that want to help us reach our goal. Become a Think Well monthly partner and join the mission of creating passionate and confident ambassadors for Christ! Check out the link for more info!

Think Well is here to serve some of the big needs today:

  • Sharing the Gospel in an increasingly hostile culture
  • Students doubting that Christianity is true and good
  • Parents and youth leaders feeling unequipped to address, engage and disciple amidst these struggles
  • The next generation deconstructing and leaving Christian exclusivity
  • Communicating Christian convictions in a tactical and winsome way, in our polarizing argumentative culture

Content Discussed

  • 0:00 Big Changes with Think Well
  • 12:35 Do you think Christianity is superior to every other religion?
  • 25:40 Why won’t good people go to heaven?
  • 30:44 Upcoming book reviews
  • 32:55 Why does God make people who he knows will reject him and suffer in hell?



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