It’s shocking how the narrative of human history has changed. Students are being taught that religion (Christianity) is the cause of the world’s problems. The truth may surprise you! Dr. Jeff Myers joins me to discuss how Jesus followers have, and can, transform the world in times of crisis.

Dr. Jeff Myers is the president of Summit Ministries. Summit is an organization that equips and supports the rising generation to embrace God’s Truth and champion a biblical worldview. Dr. Jeff is one of America’s most respected authorities on Christian worldview, apologetics, and youth leadership development.

Topics Discussed:

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 1:50 What does Summit Ministries do?
  • 3:05 What are you communicating in your new book, “Truth Changes Everything”?
  • 5:19 Do people claim truth can be anything or that they don’t have access to truth?
  • 8:03 What is so attractive about the idea that truth depends on the individual?
  • 9:42 Is it arrogant to claim that we are right and everyone else is wrong?
  • 12:00 How confident do we have to be before we can claim to know the truth?
  • 16:00 How would you respond to the claim that humans are no more valuable than animals?
  • 18:41 How the cultural narrative about Christians is completely false.
  • 25:10 What would you say to Christians who focus on truth and lose the love aspect?
  • 27:27 Is right belief or right action more valuable?
  • 28:54 What kind of world would unfold if smart determined people lived as if Jesus really was the truth?
  • 32:10 Why is it important for us to learn the stories of historical Christians that changed culture?
  • 34:45 The world seems hopelessly broken. What change can I make?
  • 37:05 How can people build trust and have productive dialogue?
  • 42:02 How have Jesus followers shaped justice?
  • 49:26 How have Jesus followers changed politics?
  • 54:15 What was one of your favorite stories that you share in your book?
  • 56:10 Closing information about Dr. Jeff, Summit Ministries, Think Well, and upcoming interviews



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