Climate change is often viewed as a heated political topic. However, some may be surprised to learn that scientists have been talking about the topic for well over a century! This discussion with Dr. Hugh Ross not only looks at Earth’s current climate but also at the planet’s captivating climate history. He explains why it is that we have extreme climate stability and how that is evidence for a designer. We will look at questions such as…

  • 1:54 What is it about science and faith that creates problems for people?
  • 2:35 Why is Dr. Ross, an astronomer, writing a book on climate change (climatology)?
  • 4:17 What do climatologist say about your work on climate change?
  • 5:43 How has the scientific information for global warming changed in the last 20 years?
  • 7:35 Is climate change real?
  • 11:42 How does the doctrine of creation (young-earth vs old-earth creationism) impact a person’s view of climate change?
  • 13:48 How has human activity thrown off the climate stability?
  • 14:55 How serious is the issue of global warming?
  • 16:38 Why would global warming create more snow over Canada?
  • 18:10 Would the additional snowfall drive a new ice age and global cooling?
  • 19:38 Why is carbon emissions the main focus of climate change talks when there are so many factors?
  • 21:10 How does climate change point to fine-tuning and a designer?
  • 28:36 Why do we need an ice age cycle? Why couldn’t God create our world with the perfect climate?
  • 30:22 Where do we draw the line between God’s providence and our responsibility when it comes to managing climate changes?
  • 33:00 Are forest fires caused by climate change?
  • 36:55 Why should we selectively cut down trees in the Amazon?
  • 38:38 If your view is better for everyone, why isn’t this happening?
  • 39:47 How soon do we need to change and what do we need to change before it is too late?
  • 42:03 Is it possible to perfectly balance the temperature and hold off the next ice age cycle indefinitely?
  • 42:52 Is is possible for us to survive an ice age?
  • 44:56 Can you explain the climate change solution of replanting deserts?
  • 48:20 What should the Christian stance be?
  • 52:51 What are your thoughts on the proposed Green New Deal?
  • 55:55 What is the best way to generate solar power?
  • 57:47 How would you use the topic of climate change to point people to God and Christianity?

Dr. Hugh Ross is the founder and president of Reasons to Believe. Dr. Ross earned his PhD in astronomy from the University of Toronto. He continued his research on quasars and galaxies as a postdoctoral fellow at the California Institute of Technology.



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