Christians often like to discuss more debated and controversial issues, and students always want to ask my opinion on the difficult questions. I mean, who wouldn’t? It is fun to talk about accepted Christian doctrines, but who doesn’t like a friendly debate on the age of the earth, end times, or how you are saved? Can we get a little old earth vs young earth? Maybe it’s pre-trib vs post-trib? What about Calvinism vs Arminianism? Alright, I guess not everyone cares to have a friendly debate on the controversial issues, but if you are still reading then I’m assuming you do.

It is in these debates that I often focus on simply trying to help people more clearly see the other side rather than only focus on their belief. It is important to understand all sides and be able to discuss controversial issues clearly, fairly, and kindly. This allows us to show that we have thought things through and have come to a more reasonable conclusion.

For this reason, I often like to throw in a twist when it comes to the Calvinism vs Arminianism debate. People often think there are only two views and want to know which side to pick. It is fun to say, “What about Molinism?” To which most people say, “What is Molinism?” If you are curious to hear option three then give the podcast this week a listen as I interview Tim Stratton from Free Thinking Ministries.

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