One thing I love doing is encouraging others to get into the game. It is common to have a fear of evangelizing, speaking, blogging, podcasting, or simply sharing our Christian convictions. What most people don’t know is that I came from a point of extreme stage fright while in junior high. I couldn’t even stand up in front of my class and recite the weekly Bible verse. I remember standing in front of the class one time, freezing up, and walking out of the room in utter embarrassment.

The fear of public speaking stuck with me for a while. It stuck with me until I found something I was so passionate to share that I continued to force myself into situations until it went away. I found that my passion was for teaching God’s word in my undergraduate preaching class.

This passion, along with overcoming the fear of failure, is what led me to start Coffeehouse Questions. I wanted to share Christian truths with whoever would read. And if no one read my blogs, then I would at least improve my writing. One year later came the start of the podcast. Who would listen? I didn’t know, but that didn’t matter. I was at least going to improve my speaking.

Through all of this, I had the privilege to interview Drew Covert, David Johansen, and other students on one of my first podcasts titled, “Why teach apologetics to students?” Now, almost three years later, Drew and David have started their own podcast, Tent Making Christianity, and invited me on to explain the origin of Coffeehouse Questions. Our goal is that this episode would be an encouragement to many more people to get into the game and be a passionate ambassador for Christ!

I hope you enjoy this episode and check out Tent Making Christianity.

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