Over my seven years of teaching I have learned that there is a lot more to teaching than simply presenting information. There are strategies that we can put into practice that help us to be more effective in the classroom. We also take different tests like the ACT Aspire and PSAT in order to make sure the students are on track and learning what they need to learn.

The question is, are we doing the same with Christianity? Do we have a system in place to help us know what we should be teaching at different stages? Are we testing students to see if they really are learning the foundations of the faith?

In this podcast I want to share some strategies with you in order to help you be more effective as you train your children, students, or even yourself.

Links mentioned in the show

Desperate Hope: http://www.tenaciouslove.com/about-desperate-hope

Summit Ministries Worldview Checkup: https://www.summit.org/checkup1/

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