I can’t believe it has been two years since starting the Coffeehouse Questions podcast. It has been an incredible learning experience producing 77 episodes during that time. My favorite part has been getting to know and interview some very smart people along the way.

My guests have included (from most recent to oldest): Dr. Craig Hazen, Dr. Clay Jones, Brett Kunkle, Neal HardinMichael Sherrard, J. Warner Wallace, Kendall Brewer, Dr. Jeff Zweerink, Kenneth Samples, Greg Koukl, Alan Shlemon, Dr. Andy Bannister, Rose Pauly, Megan Almon, Dan BrittonDr. Sean McDowell, and Andrew Covert.

I owe a very special thank you to each of these guests for taking the time to come on with me and discuss some very important issues. I also cannot thank you all enough for actually listening! I really am still surprised that so many of you download the podcast and listen. Thank you and I would love to hear from you!

Send me a message and enjoy this short recap of the last two years.

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