The problem of evil is one of the most difficult objections a Christian can receive. It is easy for a skeptic throw out challenges as to why God would allow pain and suffering if He is all-powerful and all-loving. The hard part is for the Christian to be prepared to respond correctly and convincingly to these challenges when put on the spot. For this reason I have compiled the last ten post on responding to the problem of evil in one location. I hope these posts prepare you so you are ready to defend your Christian convictions the next time you are put on the spot. Enjoy!

1. Answer the Christian: Why do people suffer for a sin Adam committed long ago?

Short answer: We suffer from Adam’s sin because we were intimately connected with Adam in the beginning.

2. Answer the skeptic: Why does God let a child die?

Short answer: Children die because they are born into a fallen world where there is disease and where people sin and make mistakes.

3. Answer the skeptic: How might it be fair that God ordered the killing of Canaanite children?

Short answer: It is fair that God ordered the killing of Canaanite children because it kept them from further harm.

4. Answer the skeptic: Why do bad things happen to good people?

Short answer: There are no good people.

5. Answer the skeptic: Why is eternal punishment fair?

Short Answer: Eternal punishment is fitting for the eternally unrepentant.

6. Answer the skeptic: If conscious belief is required for salvation, how is that fair to those who have never heard the gospel?

Short answer: God will make sure that those who would repent will have the opportunity.

7. Answer the skeptic: Free will isn’t so valuable for God to permit so much suffering.

Short answer: Life as we know it is all about free will and good is only possible if evil is possible as well.

8. Answer the Christian: What good is the suffering I endure?

Short Answer: God uses suffering to teach us, refine us, and help us be more like Jesus.

9. Answer the Christian: How will Heaven mitigate our suffering on earth?

Short Answer: Heaven will dwarf our suffering into insignificance.

10. Answer the Christian: Why does God allow evil?

Short answer: God allows evil in order to keep our free will intact.

You may also find “10 Reasons Why God May Allow Suffering” useful as well.

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