Answer the Christian: How will Heaven mitigate our suffering on earth?

Short Answer: Heaven will dwarf our suffering into insignificance.

It is useless to respond to the suffering in this world without looking at Heaven. If this earth is all that we have, and there is nothing to look forward to, then this suffering is all there is. Without Heaven, we are born into suffering, will suffer most of our lives in different ways, and then we will perish; never knowing a world without suffering. However, a view of Heaven mitigates our suffering on earth and puts things into perspective. For example, if we say the average person suffers for twenty years out of their eighty year long life, they suffered for about twenty five percent of their life. However, if that same person suffers for twenty years and then spends an eternity in Heaven, they have suffered zero percent of their life in comparison. Even a billion years of suffering out of an eternity is zero percent effectively.

Many people do not spend time thinking about Heaven because they do not understand how great it will be. “Some of the devil’s dirtiest deeds regard his doctrinal distortion of Heaven. He’s made it sound like a place no one would want to go. After all, who wants to sport flightless wings, sit on a cloud, strum a harp, suffer amnesia (one devilish distortion is we won’t remember anyone), and sing endless choruses?”[1] If you come to the place where you are not looking forward to spending an eternity in Heaven with God, then the devil has succeeded.

It may also be hard to have a heavenly perspective because heaven is so far beyond our comprehension. It is hard to imagine what we will do for all of eternity. Even though we are not able to comprehend everything about Heaven, there are many things that we can know. We will be living with the all-loving, all-compassionate, all-forgiving, all-powerful, peaceful, good God. There will be no pain or suffering. That is absolutely incredible to think about after living in this broken world. “The Creator of stars and moons and planets and the Milky Way Galaxy and of yellow, orange, pink, and purple sunsets will be there.”[2] We can only imagine that Heaven will have many things from this world as well as things that are far greater. This understanding should help us put our life here on this world into perspective and know that the suffering we endure is only temporary, but life with God is eternal.

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