As I was teaching today about free will being part of the Christian worldview, I received an interesting objection. The objection was stated that if God exists and has planned our lives, then we don’t have free will. Does God have a plan for our lives? I believe that he does. But does God’s plan override our free will? I don’t think so. Here’s why.

God’s plan is not in ultimate control of our lives and actions. He did not create a plan and force His plan upon us. If that’s what God does, we would not have free will. Instead, God created a great plan for our lives and invites us to participate in His plan. Think of it like this. You friend has created a plan for you to join them for an evening of fun and games at their house. You are included in this plan. Are you forced to participate in this plan against your will? No, you have two options. You can choose to accept the plan they made for you and go to their house, or you can choose to reject the plan and spend your night doing something else.

This is how God’s plan works for us. I am convinced that God has a plan for ever person’s life. It includes us being in a relationship with Him now and spending eternity with Him. This is where our free will comes into play. We can freely accept His plan and be in an eternal relationship with Him, or we can freely reject His plan and be in eternal separation from Him. The FREE choice is yours!