When it comes to our cultural moment, how do we actually define gender? What do male and female mean? Without Scripture as our guide, here is the issue our culture faces when defining gender.

  1. You can’t define gender according to biology. That would discount all transgender individuals.
  2. You can’t define gender according to attraction. That would reject all gays and lesbians.
  3. You can’t define gender according to socially constructed gender norms. That would make you a sexist.
  4. Therefore, gender male/female means whatever you want it to mean and becomes meaningless.
  5. In this case, what does it even mean to identify according to a certain gender?

As confusing as this may be, I do believe that an understanding of the Postmodern worldview will help us understand each side better. Listen or watch this week’s podcast as I go into further detail.

Don’t like podcasts? Here is the YouTube video!

How would you define male or female? Comment below!

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