I recently had the privilege of being interviewed by Zac of Adherent Apologetics on YouTube live. We discussed my role as a missionary and my journey into Christian apologetics. Watch the video here and check out the list of questions below.

  1. 0:48 – What is your family background?
  2. 4:38 – Was there a time when you fazed away from youth faith?
  3. 6:33 – What led you to become a missionary in the Dominican Republic?
  4. 9:30 – What did you do in the Dominican Republic?
  5. 13:00 – What was the Dominican response to having Haitians in the country?
  6. 14:15 – What caused your transition from the DR back to California?
  7. 16:49 – What do you teach and who do you teach?
  8. 19:36 – What led to your deeper dive into apologetics?
  9. 21:41 – Intellectually, why do students leave the faith?
  10. 26:26 – Why do you believe in God?
  11. 34:01 – Where do you start with unbelievers to introduce the concept of God?
  12. 36:49 – Do atheists lack a belief in God? Do extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence?
  13. 40:55 – Why do you believe that Christianity has the right beliefs about who God is?
  14. 44:10 – How would you establish the historical facts for the resurrection of Jesus?
  15. 47:44 – What would you recommend for work on textual criticism?
  16. 49:06 – Did Moses believe in the Trinity? Why wasn’t the Trinity taught to Israel?
  17. 51:37 – How do you keep your personal, intimate relationship with God while doing the academic study of apologetics?
  18. 57:10 – How do you argue for the supernatural aspect of the Bible with a person who doesn’t believe in the supernatural?

Check out Zac’s YouTube channel here.