Over the last few weeks, I have heard quite a few terrible arguments with all of the talk surrounding abortion in our culture. These bad arguments include:

  1. It’s a women’s right to choose.
  2. Abortion should be legal if the unborn is disabled.
  3. Abortion should be legal if the unborn isn’t thinking.
  4. Abortion is legal.
  5. The fetus isn’t a child.
  6. The unborn isn’t a human being.
  7. The fetus doesn’t have a social security number.
  8. The fetus can’t apply for a driver’s license.
  9. Making abortion illegal will cause abortions to become more dangerout.
  10. Men can’t talk about abortion.
  11. Would you save 1,000 embryos or a child from a burning clinic?
  12. Pro-life people don’t do anything to support single mothers.

It is amazing that people continue to discuss certain issues without addressing the most important questions. So, this week I address these bad arguments in order to show how to respond in truth and grace and get back to what is important.

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