There’s a lot of discussion surrounding AB 2943. Some Christians think this bill, if passed, is going to ban the Bible. Others don’t think the bill is any problem at all. Neal Hardin, writer at The Religion and Politics Blog, joined me to discuss the language of this bill and how it may affect Christians. He recently traveled up to Sacramento, CA, with a group of pastors in order to speak to the legislators who voted on this bill. What worries Christians is that it will make any practices that seek to change an individual’s sexual orientation unlawful business practices. This includes the reparative therapy that Neal has received in the past.

This bill also forced Summit Ministries to cancel their young adult conference in California. I was on staff at Summit, CA, the last two years. However, due to this bill, I will not be joining Summit again this summer.

“Summit’s program helps students develop an intelligent, defensible Christian worldview before they go to college,” Summit President Jeff Myers explained. “Our speakers are leading Christian experts who base their presentations on theology as well as sociology, psychology and science. But the wording of AB2943 is a dog whistle to the left that intelligent Christians holding traditional views are fair game for discrimination, smears and frivolous lawsuits.”

Summit’s program would fall under the proposed law because its lineup includes defenders of traditional man/woman marriage and people who advocate pursuing only those sexual activities approved in the Bible. Myers said it has also been common during prior trainings for students to ask questions of Summit staff about how to address confusion over gender identity and sexual attraction in the context of their faith. By prohibiting such conversations, AB2943 would cripple Summit’s ability to care for and equip its students, Myers said.

“This is the most blatant chilling of free speech in America in my lifetime.”

This is Neal’s third time on the Coffeehouse Questions podcast. Our first discussion was on how Christians can respond to the secular culture in which we live. In our second show together, Neal shared his testimony of same-sex attraction and response to the Nashville Statement. Now don’t miss our third show together as he continues to have great insights on how Christians should be involved in culture and politics.

As mentioned in the show:

Please call these five California Senators and ask them to abstain or vote no on AB 2943. If they do not take your call, please share with the person answering the phone in a kind, loving way, that you’re asking them to abstain from voting or to vote no on AB 2943 when they hear the bill in the Judiciary Committee.

Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson (Chair of the Committee) – 916-651-4019
Senator Robert M. Hertzberg – 916-651-4018
Senator Bill Monning – 916-651-4017
Senator Henry Stern – 916-651-4027
Senator Bob Wieckowski – 916-651-4010

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