Lawmakers in New York passed the Reproductive Healthcare Act yesterday. It was voted on by both the state Senate and the state Assembly, and then signed into law by the New York governor, Andrew Cuomo (pictured above).

Why is this so important?

This legislation expanded women’s access to abortions in New York. It allows for women to get abortions after week 24 if the life or health of the mother is in question.

When asking whether or not we should be in favor of something like this, we must first define abortion.

Isn’t it good to have reproductive health? Isn’t it a woman’s right?

Abortion is not reproductive health, and it is not a woman’s right. Abortion is the intentional killing of an innocent human being. Women do not have the right to kill their innocent children.

It is important to understand that it is already legal to end a pregnancy when the mother’s life is in danger. When this situation arises, the goal is to save both the mother and the child, but the doctors are unable to do so. This new law broadens what is permissible. Changing the language to read “the life or health of the mother” (emphasis mine) makes abortion legal for potentially any reason, even when the mother’s life is not in danger.

Can’t we all agree on this one point? It should never be legal to intentionally kill an innocent human being.

Why should we think that the unborn are innocent human beings?

First, the science of embryology tells us that from the moment of conception the unborn is a living, distinct, and whole human being. Second, philosophy shows us that some human beings are not more valuable than others because of factors based on size, level of development, environment, or degree of dependence. In fact, it shows us that human equality is only possible if we are intrinsically valuable. This means that there is no morally significant difference between the person you are now and the embryo you once were.

Notice something important here. This is not a religious view, and I never mentioned the Bible. This is the logical conclusion based on science and philosophy.

Why is something like this legal?

It is legal because we keep it legal. We vote people into office that continue to create laws that defend the killing of innocent children. This is why the Church needs to step up. We cannot remain silent on this issue. We speak up for human trafficking, we speak up for the hungry, and we speak up for the poor, and many other social justice issues. Why is it that we hear so little about the unborn? When is the last time you have heard your church stand up for the unborn? Are we afraid it might be too political?

Know how to defend the pro-life position.

If you have not done so before, please take some time to familiarize yourself with the case for life that I have attached below. I have also added a second podcast that gives responses to common pro-choice arguments. Both of these podcasts were recorded back in August of 2015 with Megan Almon, an incredible speaker from the Life Training Institute. Please take this, share it, and be part of the voice as we stand up for those who have no voice.

Please comment below with your thoughts. In what ways is the Church speaking up or not speaking up on this issue?

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