I haven’t been able to produce much content lately because I was taking an interterm class at Talbot School of Theology called The Church and Society. Every day from January 3rd to January 25 we had to read and discuss a different ethical issue. The topics included: secularization and privatization, types of moral reasoning, Christian ethics, the Bible and social change, abortion and stem cell research, death, dying, physician assisted suicide, infertility and reproductive technology, genetics and biotechnology, capital punishment, the morality of war, sexual ethics, economics, greed, and the theology of work. It was crazy how many topics we covered and spent time discussing in the short three weeks.

With this new information, or maybe just a new way of thinking about these issues, I wanted to record this week’s podcast as a short introduction. I think that these are all issues that we will either deal with personally or we will walk with a friend or family member through. It is for that reason that we need to be prepared to think about these important topics well.

So, I hope you enjoy this short introduction to Christian Ethics. My professor, Dr. Scott Rae, has agreed to come on the show and discuss any questions that you all have. I hope that you listen to the show, think of questions, and then send those in to be discussed at a future date.

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