A few weeks ago I was asked to be a guest on the Apologetics.com radio program. One of the callers during the program argued that if Christians truly followed the teachings of Jesus, then they would become Jews. He claimed that Jesus was born to save the Jews and that His message was to follow only the Jewish ways. Instead of going through each of the verses and arguments that we used during the program, I want to look at this in a different way. Since it is only two days until Christmas were we will celebrate the birth of Jesus, I want to look at two events related to the Nativity showing that Jesus Christ was born to save the world, not just the Jews.

Jesus was born into a common family.

The first event is that Jesus was born into the home of an ordinary family and laid in a manger. He was not born into royalty and adorned with riches like many would expect with a king. Instead, he was born into a poor family, wrapped in a cloth, and laid in an animal feeding trough. Is this really how the King would enter the world? From the very beginning, Jesus worked hard for what he had. This story of being born into an ordinary family and working from a young age relates to most of the world. 2 Corinthians 8:9 says, “…yet for your sake he became poor.” This message relates to the world in which Jesus came to save, not just the wealthy and important.

The place of the birth made Jesus available to others.

It is also important to understand the place of His birth and the availability for the shepherds to visit Him. The shepherds, who visited Jesus on the night of his birth, were not respected in society. If Jesus was born in an upper class household, He would have been separated from society. The fact that Jesus was born in a place where the common and lower class people could visit and join in with the celebration, is an example of how He came to save all people. Jesus welcomes all people into His Kingdom just as all were welcomed at His birth. He was not separated from the world, but was accepted by, and accepts, the common person.

Understand in this Christmas season the importance of Jesus’ birth. The eternal Son of God took on flesh, suffered, and was later crucified in our place. It is because of this birth and death that we are able to have an eternal relationship with our Creator. This is the best gift that we could ask for. God didn’t sent Jesus only to save the Jews, but made His gift available to all people.