One of the sessions that I attended at the Cross Examined Instructor Academy by Brett Kunkle was titled “Can we be good without God?” The answer to this question is very simple. YES! You actually can be good without believing in God and atheists can be just as moral as Christians. Many Christians make the mistake and think that if someone doesn’t believe in God then they are automatically immoral people and that just isn’t true. The important part that you need to notice is “belief in God”. Someone can deny the existence of God and still be a moral person. Atheists can help the poor and be kind just like Christians. You can read a book and deny there is an author. That is possible.

Brett showed that the better questions is, “Can there be goodness without God?” Like I showed before, you can read a book and deny there is an author, but the book wouldn’t exist without an author. The same goes for morality. You can be good without believing in God, but goodness wouldn’t exist without God.

When you really think about it, it is evident that objective moral truths exist. It is wrong to beat your siblings for fun. It is wrong to practice racism daily. It is wrong to murder children for fun. So what is the best explanation for objective moral truths? Where do laws come from?

We all know that laws need a law giver. Objective laws need authority, oughtness, and they need to be personal, mind-independent, and immaterial. What is the best explanation for objective moral laws? God exists. Some people may claim that there is no need for God and that objective moral laws can be grounded in evolution. However, if only material things exists and evolution is true, ethics are illusory. Morality and laws would evolve along with evolution, and all laws would lose their objectivity and slip into subjectivism.

So can we be good without belief in God? Yes! Would there be goodness without God? No! Since objective moral laws exist, God exist!