Is there such a thing as relative morality?

Are some aspects of morality relative or is it all objective?

Does every objective truth have evidence?

How has postmodernism influenced Christianity? (Podcast)

Postmodernism and deconstructionism have influenced Christianity more than we know. You may not even know what these words mean, but I am sure they have changed the way you think. Listen this week I discuss the postmodern worldview and how... Continue Reading →

Do objective moral laws point to God?

Objective morality exists and the most reasonable explanation is an objective moral law giver.

How are you spreading the truth of Christianity?

This past week I was scrolling through my Facebook feed when I saw an interesting post by a friend that had attracted a lot of attention. There were about 75 likes and over 25 comments so I was curious to... Continue Reading →

What is moral relativism and how can Christians respond?

Have you read anything about tolerance or morality lately in the news? It seems to be everywhere and one of the main “hot-button” topics today. Why is one group being so intolerant towards another? Why don't they just change what... Continue Reading →

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