intelligent design

Are you intelligently designed?

Are you the result of natural processes or created by an intelligent designer with a purpose in mind? Check out this talk as Ryan explains why design is the better explanation after looking at biology, cosmology, and more. If you... Continue Reading →

Is Christianity based on an argument from ignorance?

I received a lot of responses after last week's blog, "Is atheism a 'lack of belief' in God?" Most of the responses came from atheists which I expected. I also expected an immediate request for proof of the Christian God which is... Continue Reading →

Has our universe been designed?

The basic building blocks of life have been designed and therefore need an intelligent designer.

Why isn’t creation taught in schools? (Podcast)

Many people will say that creation isn't taught in schools because it isn't scientific or that there is a separation of church and state. However, it seems like there is a bigger reason why creation isn't taught, and that is... Continue Reading →

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